Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Dark Side Rolls In, Buddy

Satan comes a calling in many guises, and I have a three-way call scheduled today with Bubby, one of his minions, and myself. So what does that make me?

I'm about to sell my soul... or maybe just positioned to take advantage of a grand opportunity that happens to be knocking upon my door, but at times like these it always FEELS like selling your soul. Is it an invitation or a summons?

Perhaps it's that old "fear of success" thang....I've encountered it in others, but its hard to see it within yourself.

I do know that the times Satan has come a-calling, it was pretty clear that he didn't have a clue as to what made me tick, so it was fairly easy to tell him to fuck off.

This time, not so clear. Satan "gets it" total. Which makes it hard to tell him to fuck off.

Sometimes I have erroneously told Da Debbil to hit the highway. One time I got offered the lead in the touring company of "Moving On"...$5000 a week to impersonate Billy Joel. I stuck to my principles as an "artiste" and pissed on the offer -- and ended up in a cheesy New Orleans piano bar playing "Piano Man" eight times a night for drunken Tulane college students and barely invisible racists who wanted to hear "Dixie" all freaking night....for a lot less money, BTW. I coulda been a high ticket call girl, and ended up being a $20 a blowjob street walkin' Ho. Same soul-sucking work, different pay scale.

So much for principles.

I have come to the point in life where the option of "going it alone, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" is getting increasingly harder to take...

As stated before: KEEP SMILIN' MONKEY BOY.....

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