Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daily Dose #22 (06/18/11)


Since initiating this "365 blogs in 365 consecutive days" craziness on Memorial Day weekend. (Note to self: Next time you declare that you're gonna write one a day for a whole year, STOCKPILE about 100 of them before you shoot your big mouth off.), "THE DOSE" and "THE BLOG-A-THON" have received over 6,000 page views in only approximately three weeks since it's birth.

I'm drawing a few conclusions from that little piece of data:

1. People are actually reading these things

2. They aren't just passively reading. They are participating in the process by sharing them in facebook feeds, linking the blog to their own URL's and by word of mouth via email and twitter.

The second point is important, because its the very real manifestation of why I am grinding out a blog a day. Its about sharing. My world changes drastically when I stop being proprietary about stuff (in this case, my actual life,and the knowledge collected by living it), and give it away. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. It's time to pass everything down to those that want it, and even to those that don't.

Instead of passive vessels being entertained, many of "The Dose" readers have caught on to the process of "Baking the bread, sharing it, having others tear off a piece for themselves, and then passing the loaves down the line" as they read between the lines.

Through whatever means or device, from humor to openly exposing the inner workings of successes, to openly exposing how I have dealt with cataclysmic loss or conundrums that might be common to the human condition, my hope is by sharing this stuff that maybe it might be useful in some way to readers.

It may save them some time, or save them some pain or heartache; perhaps provide at least an example of how somebody got through or how they didn't. Drop what little wisdom or knowledge I've acquired, and perhaps clear some brush for folks to step outside of themselves to get access to paths of more angles of perception... maybe even inspire people to realize just what truly they may be capable of, and what is out there waiting for them, if they take the opportunity to pluck the fruit that is always being offered, but sometimes is hard to see or identify.

In other words, in a very small way, try to make a difference by offering a vehicle for consciousness expansion. Sharing really is caring. In this world, and in this physical life, I think we all could take care of each other a little more, and in ways that make life not only more bearable, but a whole lot more fun AND more spiritually rewarding.

My role in this process is just to throw well aimed pebbles in the pond, but for this to work, many of you have realized that its a symbiotic system. The size of the ripples are dependent on randomly hitting a share or twitter option after reading an installment. Both sides of the equation are equally as important. The ultimate Yin/Yang. It is how we all start to become aware of the dynamic of being part of something that is much bigger than ourselves, or the sum of the parts.

In a way, I've been part of that process by spending most of my adult life on a stage. Very early on in my career I got hip to the true responsibility of being on one.

You weren't there just to get yourself off. You were there to get everyone else off, through the vehicle of content, either by provoking thought and freeing minds, or freeing people's bodies and their spirits, in a communal setting.

Either "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" or "Free Your Ass and Your Mind Will Follow" it didn't matter which way you got there. You used both avenues, but through it all, serving as a catalyst for that process is a grave responsibility, and not one to be taken lightly.

Expressing gratitude openly is a huge part of this blog-o-thon gumbo, too. You don't have to walk through life like you could give a tumbling fuck just for appearances sake.

And if you are honestly capable of walking through life transparently and openly not giving a tumbling fuck about the effect you have on the world around you, then you're a sociopathic asshole.

God Bless your little heart.

You're just the person that I want reading this blog very carefully.

Validation, when deserved, is important. You don't have to leave bodies in your wake and a bone yard in your closet. I know of what I speak, because I have quite a bone collection myself... I've just decided to own personal responsibility and open the closet door in a public forum.

Developing an awareness of collateral damage from any personal choice you make for yourself is a big part of the motivation of this blog exercise. Sometimes its unavoidable, but not having a clue about what potential damage you may create isn't really going to insure a sustainable system.

Yet in my own limited human experience, people still cling to the misnomer that it is.

Maybe we all can have a part in validating and maybe even changing some mindsets. I can see the nascent beginnings of that happening in just three short weeks. That is what happens when tribes start to coalesce.

I've seen it happen. And in just less than a month I can feel the stirrings right here at "The Blog-A-Thon"

There is a tremendous amount of power contained in those "share" buttons. We are seeing it now, from the toppling of despotic regimes in the Middle East to viral viewings of kitties playing the piano. How to exercise that kind of power is up to the individual, but first it must be self-realized.

The old paradigms soon will not apply. The gate keepers of Knowledge, Spirituality, Philosophy, Art, and Culture have lost control of the asylum, no matter how desperately they are currently trying to hold on to the last apparent vestiges of that control.

The inmates can now run it, but only if they have a mindful awareness the power contained in a single "point and click" action, and a sense of ethical responsibility attached to that power.

Its thrilling to think just what might happen after a year. I don't know exactly how it will end up, but I do know that it will be one hell of a ride.


Lor said...

I've always liked this one - Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming ???WOO HOO what a ride!??? Thanks for push to remember this!

Lor said...

Another example of taking the ride!